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Neely WangHi, my Name is Neely! Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me share a bit about myself. I am a photographer and designer based in Marin County, California, and who (according to my husband) has too many hobbies.  Although I was once trained as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I have always had a love for all things art and design and a passion for photography. I was one of those kids who redecorated her room every month, kept a sketchbook of fashion designs, loved rummaging through her parents’ stash of wedding invitations, and whose favorite class in school was always art.  

My style is clean, minimal, and modern, and my desire is that with anything I create, to capture its essence and somehow tell a story, whether it be a flower about to bloom, a child dancing in a field, food that looks so good you can taste it, or a pain deeply felt. My desire is to draw the eye and give the viewer a unique and fresh perspective. I love using natural light, negative space, and finding beauty in the simple things of life — capturing moments in time that will never happen again. My specialties are nature, still-life, food, and lifestyle photography. If you have any questions, photography/design needs, or just want to chat, please stop by my Contact Page. I’d love to hear from you! Thanks so much for visiting!

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  1. Your photography and this page definitely hooked me. Stunning, gorgeous photos. Thank you for your mention of creation and the goodness and grace of God. I am glad to follow your blog.

    • Thank you so much, Alexandria! You’re so very kind! And I truly believe all these photos could not be possible without God to create them — I’m just peeking in on His marvels like the rest of us. I feel really privileged just to let others see a glimpse of His creation that we can so easily miss.

  2. a beautiful blog, Neely. nice to meet you. looks like you have a good thing going.
    thanks for sharing!
    and congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! got here via your macro daisy post. must go back and ‘like’ it :)

  3. Beautiful photo’s and you are one creative lady. Congratulations on being ‘freshly pressed’, well deserved, Divine Macros’. x

  4. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award :D The way it works goes something like this: create a post and in that post mention the person who nominated you, then mention 7 interesting things about yourself, and then nominate some other blogs that you find interesting! I posted the nominations today so if you want to check it out visit lexiejrunge.com. Congrats!

    • Thank you so much! That was so sweet of you to say, and it totally made my day! I checked out your blog and love your style (and also wish I could visit all the fun places you’ve been to :)…Are you enjoying your 24-70mm? Hope to save up for a lens like that someday!

        • It must be quite heavy, too! I use a 28-105 for my outdoor shots, but I really love using my simple 50mm! I recently purchased a wide-angle and am excited to try it out for landscapes, but I heard it requires a bit of a learning curve, so we’ll see how that goes :)

          • Neely! I have a 50mm as well and it also is my favorite! I do have to say, my photos are no where near as nice as you! Any suggestions? I feel like anytime I’m taking a photo, I’m rushed…and my lighting is usually off. Do you edit your photos with any kind of software? I was looking into getting the 10-22mm wide angle lens some day but need to get better using the two I already have. Keep me posted on how you like your lens! Looking forward to getting inspired by you!

            • I totally understand what you mean about feeling rushed…some of my best photos are when I’m by myself and can take my time, or the people I’m with (usually my kids) are distracted by something else so they’re not paying attention to me…I will sometimes go out by myself for a couple of hours and go someplace new just to take photos with no real agenda. I do use adobe camera raw and photoshop cs5 for editing. I used to think it somehow made my photos “impure” or something, but now I totally love it — I think almost all photographers do some sort of post-processing nowadays.

  5. I believe we have a few things in common. My husband also believe that I have two many hobbies. I Love your blog and your photography. Cheers,

      • I subscribe to your blog for a long time and I do not regret in any way!
        And I especially love the part Macro, and then travel to and also the food part!
        made in I love it all!

        (my English is not great because I’m French, I’m 13 and I use Google translation!)

  6. Discovering your blog this time of the night (2:37 am) is one of the very few benefits of insomnia. And what a discovery. The photos of yours that I’ve been seen so far are more than magnificent – my vocabulary fails me now. I am so looking forward to seeing more photos from you.

    • Thank you so much, runningwithoutsugar! I truly appreciate all your kind words and am grateful you discovered my blog…at 2:37am! Many thanks!

    • Thank you so much, Daniela! I truly appreciate it! Macro photography is definitely a passion of mine and something I easily fell in love with.

  7. Wow very great photographs here. Strong! I’m looking forward to following you. If you had time I would appreciate it if you to visit my blog and take a look at my photography. Take care and greets from Germany

  8. Neely, I think we used to work together in Illinois in your former life as a speech and language pathologist and my former life as fourth grade teacher. :) Photography is a hobby of mine and while looking for some blogs to follow I came upon yours, how serendipitous! You are a very talented photographer and I’m happy to have reconnected with you here!

    • Oh wow! How cool! Yes, I’m no longer a speech-pathologist — we moved to California, we had two kids, so things changed :). I do miss it at times, but decided this was a good opportunity to pursue and try something different. Are you still teaching? I hope things are going well with you and your family — thank you for the kind words and glad to reconnect after all these years — what a funny small world! Take care!

  9. I am not teaching, but things are great! I have 3 kids, and stayed home after my son was born. After the whirlwind of 3 kids in 4 years I needed a creative outlet, so I started taking photography more seriously last spring. My girls are usually pretty cooperative, but my son want nothing to do with pictures! I wish he was more cooperative, but I still snag some pics when I can. ;)

    • So glad to hear you’re doing well, Jill! I’m sure those 3 kids are keeping you very busy! I got into photography after my second son was born and wanted to spend more time documenting my kids and remembering all those little details. However, as they’ve gotten older, I spend less time taking pictures of them as I hoped to… I understand what you mean about needing a creative outlet :)…Hope you continue to enjoy it! Wish you all the best!

  10. Your photography is so good I can’t. Haha! Do you mind checking out my blog as well? The post on my journey to Spain? There’s lots of photos haha. Feel free to comment and give me feedback!! Love your blog! I look forward to my every day feed now!

    • Thank you for all your kind words, Maeri! My photography is always a work in progress, and I find that there is constantly something new to learn. I would love to check out your journey to Spain! Thanks for stopping by! Take care.

    • Thank you so much, John and Karen! I really appreciate it! It’s always nice to hear from fellow photographers in the Bay Area (and apparently fellow food-lovers too!). Hope you’ve had the chance to try out 180Eats — such great food and wonderful people to work with!

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