Holding on to Summer

Neely Wang Photography

In less than a week, my kids go back to school. Although it stays warm here for another couple of months, going back to school signals something in my brain and tells it summer is officially over. No more lazy days, bike rides, long walks, ice cream…none of it. It’s done. Back to early mornings, packing lunches, and endless driving of kids here and there. I know it doesn’t have to be this way, but I just can’t help get a wee bit depressed.

Neely Wang Photography

But the other day, the kids and I were about to go on evening walk when I noticed the sun…or was it the moon? I couldn’t quite figure it out at first (it turned out to be the sun behind a layer of fog), and after trying to take a horrible picture of it with my iPhone, I ran inside and grabbed my camera.

Neely Wang Photography

I hardly take my big-girl camera anywhere now just for fun. I use it for work, but it just seems so cumbersome to take it on a simple walk. But that evening, I kept it with me as we went on our hike and suddenly remembered how fun it was to take pictures with it! I still love the convenience of the camera on my phone (even though it now has two permanent scratches on the lens), but there are some things my d-SLR just does so much better, including depth of field, low light and mood.

Neely Wang Photography

Taking these pictures made me realize how precious summer is, and although it’s terribly dry and brown here in California, there’s so much beauty that’s only around this time of year. I simply don’t want to forget these lazy days of summer.

Neely Wang Photography

Although we didn’t take any extravagant trips or do anything particularly remarkable this summer, I definitely could use a few more weeks of this…

Neely Wang Photography

Neely Wang Photography

Neely Wang Photography

Neely Wang Photography

Neely Wang Photography

Cheers to the last days of summer.



    • Thanks, Alvina! Yes, the two people just happened to be at the top of the hill and the way they were talking and looking at each other coupled with the light — I knew I had to grab a shot of them :).

  1. Very beautiful shots Neely ~ the silhouette of the couple is an award winner :-) The great oranges and colors of the sunlight is so beautiful…what a time to sit back and enjoy life.

    • Thank you, Randall! The silhouette picture was definitely a right time, right place shot :). And yes, so much to enjoy and be thankful for this time of the year — love how each night the sky and its colors look so different!

    • Thank you, Maxine! I love how you described the sunsets as peach melba — two of my favorite things about summer — sunsets and peaches! :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

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