Macro Monday | Mimosa Tree

Neely Wang Macro Photography

Every year in the spring, a group of trees near our house produces all these beautiful yellow pompoms on its branches. These mimosa trees are filled with little puffs of sunshine, and one day a couple years ago, I decided to snip off a small branch and bring it home.

Neely Wang Macro Photography

My husband, who suffers from horrible allergies, did not share my same sentiments about these fluffy balls, so I begrudgingly put the small vase containing the buds into the back of an unused kitchen cabinet, only to be recently found. 

Neely Wang Macro Photography

I took them out, and they had turned this lovely rust color. I think they look prettier now than they did before.


    • Hi Cornelia! Yes, I think they’re popular in California, and they’re starting to bloom again. I’m not sure if they have a fragrance, but the next time I walk past one, I’ll be sure to take a sniff :)

  1. Drying flowers can be beautiful indeed! But u prefer the colourful “living” flowers. Except when your sneezing all day ;)

    Lovely photos!

    Kind regards, Tieme

    • Thank you, Aart! I was trying to figure out why the blooms look so different, but are on the same branch — I think it must be that some must be buds, and then they bloom into the fuzzy balls.

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    • Thank you, Randall! I’m glad the images conveyed a sense of peace and calm — I especially need that with a tiresome month of caring for sick kids :). Macros will always be a favorite of mine!

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