Macro Monday | Getting Ready

Neely Wang Macro Nature Photography

In Northern California, we’re having what some may refer to as an Indian Summer. With Fall approaching right around the corner, our dry hot temperatures have only gotten drier and hotter. It’s hard to imagine the weather getting cooler and that Autumn and Winter will be here before we know it. But the little squirrels in the area know what’s up and are quietly getting prepared. The tree-lined trails have been peppered with these little acorn caps, in anticipation of the glorious seasons to come.

“When the oak is felled the whole forest echoes with it fall, but a hundred acorns are sown in silence by an unnoticed breeze.” –Thomas Carlyle


  1. Hey Neely! The little detail in them makes me curious! These are so different to me; considering I am coming from South India where I knew only about Summers and Winters (Rainy season included in between!!) . I am interested to know more about this. How does these acorn caps help the squirrels?

    • Hi Lakshmi! The caps are what the squirrels often leave behind. It seems they just grab the nut and leave all the acorn caps behind — a remnant of all their hard work :)

      • Ahh, that helps me understand this! May be getting prepared for the Winter to come – to gather more food for them? Thanks for explaining it. :) curious to know what was happening when I saw the picture!

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