Macro Monday | Blush & Bashful

Pink Peony | Neely Wang Photography

Pink Peony | Neely Wang Photography

Pink Peony | Neely Wang Photography

Pink Peony | Neely Wang Photography

Pink Peony | Neely Wang Photography

Pink Peony | Neely Wang Photography

Pink Peony | Neely Wang Photography

Whenever I think of the color pink, the scene from the movie Steel Magnolias pops into my head, in which Shelby, played by Julia Roberts, tells her mom that the colours of her wedding are “blush and bashful.” Her mom, played by Sally Field, retorts, “Her colours are pink and pink.”

Well, whatever you choose to call it (and especially if pink is your “signature color”), these peonies are the epitome of blush and bashful!


    • They’re one of my favourites, too — and I think because they’re not around for very long, they seem extra special! Glad you were able to pick up some of these beauties for yourself!

  1. “Pink and pink”…too funny! It has bee a long since I’ve watched that movie. Your pink peonies are lovely, Neely. I think the last shot is my favorite!

  2. Love the photos! Just beautiful!! And I love the movie Steel Magnolias! And my name is also Neely :)

    • Your name is Neely?!?! So cool to meet another Neely! Nice to meet you, Neely, and thank you for your kind comments! I haven’t seen the movie Steel Magnolias in ages, but now want to watch the whole thing again — such a touching movie! Thanks for saying hello :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures, and beautiful hues! I agree that they are extra special because they’re not around and available for very long.

  4. Beautiful photos, Neely. I love the blush color of the flowers. My favorite photo is the last one, I love the light and how it brings out the petals texture.
    Kind greetings,

  5. Beautiful photos…my favorite is the fifth one. (btw, I’ve never seen the movie “Steel Magnolias”…hmmm, I think might need to watch it one of these days…)

    • Thank you, Craftinggirl :)…what?!?! You’ve never seen Steel Magnolias?? ;) — actually, I think I might have a different opinion of it now if I watched it again — the 80s were a different time ;)

  6. These are gorgeous! Dreamy :) I love your macro Monday posts and the variety of flowers. Specially when it is winter here and all I see outside is snow.

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