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Neely Wang | Photography + Design Shop

A handful of new prints for Spring are in the SHOP! I’m also excited to offer new Giclee prints as an option. Giclee prints are printed on high-quality smooth matte paper for a fine-art feel. You can read more about them on the FAQ Page of the shop.

I’m also excited to announce that I will be offering some of my prints as photo cards at Papyrus in San Francisco within the next month. If you’re ever in the Marina area on Chestnut Street, please swing by to see them! I’m thinking of offering some cards as notecard sets directly on my shop site. Please let me know what you think of this idea! Thanks again for all your love and support!


    • Glad you like the idea, Alvina! You’ve always been such a great support — I truly appreciate it! The ones for Papyrus are in process right now, but they are more traditional, classic photo cards with a matted image. I have also been working on ones with a more modern/hipster look paired with text. I hope to offer both styles on my shop site to appeal to difference tastes.

  1. So happy for you that your love and passion is also going to be shared with the world this way. I have to say tho I just heard on KQED that people aren’t sending via snail mail much. Maybe they could be online cards.

    • Thanks, Aunt Nanc! I know — sending cards is a dying art, but I will say, I love receiving mail :), and there is something very special about receiving a tangible card that you can feel and hold. The cards I will be making for papyrus will be matted, so they will be frame-ready and useable as art after the cards are sent.

  2. Hi Neely, I love cards, and I print my pictures on my postcard printer. People who receive those postcards in the mail are always surprised – because as Nancy said people just don’t send that many cards anymore – and they love getting them!

    • What a fun way to share your pictures and such a great idea, Kiki! I think because people don’t send cards as much anymore that receiving them makes it all the more special! I should go send some now to brighten someone’s day :)

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