Macro Monday | Winter

Neely Wang Photography

Neely Wang Photography

Neely Wang Photography

Neely Wang Photography

Neely Wang Photography

Neely Wang Photography

Neely Wang Photography

Winter is a funny thing here in northern California. It’s mainly sunny and bright until rainy season arrives, and then it rains for a couple of months straight. It doesn’t get cold enough to wear boots (even though sometimes I can’t resist) nor do you need to wear a winter jacket, but this year, like the rest of the country, things have been quite different. My friend keeps calling it the “arctic chill” which I can’t help but laugh about, since I grew up in Chicago, where saying it’s freezing cold out is often an understatement. But it has truly been cold lately, and the delicate flowers I usually take macro photos of have either completely disappeared or are now covered in frost. It’s interesting to see what has survived and endured the chill.


  1. If you don’t mind my asking, which lens do you use for your macro shots, Neely? I shoot Nikon and have the 100mm f2.8. I just love your work. I want to do a macro series but haven’t found the time yet!

    • Hi Patty! I actually use a canon 50mm f1.4 with extension tubes. I like the clarity and sharpness of a prime lens and have found this to be a good set-up for me. I think a 100mm f2.8 would work just as well, if not better! I hope you get the chance to do a macro series — would love to see what you “discover” :)

    • Thank you, Karen! In many ways, I miss the snow which makes everything so beautiful and white — I would love to take a macro snowflake, but don’t think that will be happening in California anytime soon! :) I hope you get out there soon — I’m excited to see what you end up shooting — you have a wonderful eye!

  2. My favorite is the second shot…the last two are intriguing…very alien-like, for some reason. I went out this morning to take some photos of the frost-laden berries and leaves with the macro lens (yes, I brought the right one this time!). It was 32 degrees at 9am…I nearly froze my fingers off taking about 35 quick shots.

    • Haha — they have these fingerless gloves especially for photographers that I was looking into getting — they’d be great for days like these (or we could knit some – ha!)…would love to see your shots!

    • Thank you very much! The roses are actually tiny little succulents that are shaped liked roses — I loved how the frost found its way just on the very edges of the leaves. Glad you enjoyed the images!

    • Thank you, Claire! I really appreciate it — so glad you were inspired! Macro is so much fun, and you never know what you’ll find! The bottom image is a seed from a tree. Thanks, again!

  3. A beautiful set, Neely; I love those aubergine tones! Having also grown up in the Midwest, I also find it funny when others think Mediterranean winters are at all cold. :) After having spent some frigid months in Germany, we’re now back in Croatia, and the weather is so glorious. I’m still getting accustomed to seeing Christmas market huts situated along the seaside under palm trees.

    • Thank you, Tricia! Glad you’re having beautiful weather in Croatia — it must be very interesting to see the christmas huts under the palm trees. I feel the same way about the christmas trees and the bright blue skies here — it just feels different :)

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