The Call of the Sea

Ocean Beach | Neely Wang Photography

Ocean Beach | Neely Wang Photography

Ocean Beach | Neely Wang Photography

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” —Jacques Cousteau

People often ask the question, “Would you rather live by the ocean or the mountains?” I always have a hard time answering that question, and thankfully, we live near San Francisco, so we have the blessing of both. But even though I don’t really swim, nor like dealing with the mess of sand, there is something about the sea that is hard to resist. And no matter how icy the water or how dangerous the current, people keep coming back. I think there is something so vast and unknown about it that makes it so thrilling, yet utterly calming at the same time.

Which do you prefer?


  1. What a sky!! How beautiful in all it’s myriad shades of gray and silver! Luckily I have both. I love water – rivers, lakes and oceans, and I love being atop a mountain. Here in SF I have the ocean and on Orcas I live on a mountain and view so much water – the Puget Sound, the lakes, the sea – and other islands with mountains dotted along the way. Lucky me… and I have forest!

    • The Pacific West is definitely such a beautiful place to live! Having grown up in the midwest, I never knew or experienced this kind of beauty (although there is a different kind of beauty on the plains). I have talked to friends who have grown up on the west coast, and they’ve said they often take it for granted and don’t appreciate it because it’s all they’ve ever known — I hope that never happens to me (although when we went to Hawaii for the first time after moving here, I wasn’t as in awe and remember thinking that parts of it looked a bit like California! – I know, terrible :)

  2. I would prefer the Ocean but I wouldn’t mind either. Great photographs….looks quite peaceful : )

    • Thank you so much and thank you for sharing! I also think either would be great — there’s so much beauty all around us no matter where we may be!

  3. Neely, if I have to choose, I would prefer living by the ocean, but it would be better to have both as you do. That´s the reason I would love to live in Santa Barbara, California. There you have mountains at one side of the city and also the ocean at the opposite side. Maybe some day I will live there :)

    • Thanks for sharing, Marianne! Yes, having both is ideal…Santa Barbara — I’ll have to visit one of these days and check it out — sounds beautiful!

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