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“I wish my eyes could take photos…”

I have recently jumped back on the Instagram bandwagon. I had first dabbled with it over 2 years ago when camera phones were still pretty poor in quality. Plus, the idea of sharing my everyday life with the rest of the world was not very appealing to me. So, I stopped using instagram, but continued to take pictures with my phone since that was the camera I always had with me. Camera phones keep getting better and better, and although I skipped getting the Apple iPhone 5s, I will almost definitely get the Apple iPhone 6 when it comes out, especially if their low light photography capabilities keep improving.

I still think photos taken with my d-slr are much better than those with my phone, and there is a precision and control you could never get with a phone camera. Plus, I’m a sucker for shallow depth of field and dreamy bokeh! But as I continue to be reminded, “What good is it really if you never have your big camera with you anyways?” 

I still consider myself a rather private person, especially when it comes to my family, so even though I don’t show everything (I know you who follow me thank me for that!), taking pictures with my phone has been such a great way to document life for memory’s sake because I’m definitely not getting any younger and my memory is certainly not getting any better! In the past six months or so, I started posting more photos of my everyday life on Facebook and Instagram because some of the things I was seeing and experiencing were just too pretty not to share! I’m still very selective about what I share on social media, but it’s become a fun way to connect, get inspired and see life through the eyes of others all over the world — whether they be photographers or not.

All these pictures were taken in September and October alone (Yes, I take lots of pictures!). To see more of my wanderings and adventures, you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook. And of course, any thoughts about social media, iphoneography and the ongoing topic of “to share or not to share” are always welcome!


    • Thank you, Karen! Wow — you’ve never owned a cell phone! In many ways, that’s probably a great blessing in disguise — it’s nice to be attached to “the present” instead of a phone :).

  1. The iphone photos are just stunning. I am just afraid if I start, I will never pull out my big boy camera☺

  2. Great eyes those of you, whatever yo use! What is important is still the way you look around. I am reluctant to smartphones. I keep loyal to my fantastic four-years “idiot-phone”, a basic Nokia model, away for too much connectivity, but I’ll certainly change some day and embrace Instagram just, as you say, because of sharing beauty.
    Thank you for every picture and word.

    • Thank you, Yvette, and you’re so very welcome! I agree that what is important is the way you look around and how you see things. I understand your reluctance to smartphones. They have definitely changed the world and how people interact for good and for bad. I do love the convenience of having a camera around with me almost all the time, as prior to having a good camera phone, I would often experience or see something in a day and wish I had my camera with me! Thanks for your sharing!

  3. I think your pictures are great, whether they’re taken with a dslr or a phone… I love the cloud pics, and “among the branches” has a great halloween-ish touch.
    I’m always very careful what I post about my personal life, too, although I shoot a lot of pics around the house of whatever takes my fancy, in the hope it doesn’t give away or reveal too much. On the other hand I think it would be a shame if the large amount of pictures we take were just to sit on our hard drives, never to be viewed by anyone…

    • Thank you, Kiki! And thank you for sharing your thoughts! I agree that art should be shared as with most things in life! I feel blessed to see or experience certain things in my life and love to share the blessing! :)

  4. What a pretty set of images, Neely. I especially like all the sunset silhouettes – with their warm light, they’re quite representative of autumn. I’ve not yet owned an iPhone (perhaps because we’ve been on the go these past years?), but I can see how having one might tempt me to leave the big camera at home.

    • Thank you, Tricia! I still love using my d-slr more because of the control, but it’s often when I’m doing the ordinary things of life that I see something extraordinary and I’m glad I have a phone camera to capture it :)

    • Thank you, Marianne! I often wish that when these moments happen, I would have my d-slr, but I’m glad at least I have my iPhone with me all the time.

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