Light Streaks | Chaos

Light Painting | Neely Wang

On most occasions, my photography is very deliberate — I recompose until I get it just right, I only shoot when the lighting is beautiful, and I’m quite finicky with my camera settings. But there are also times that I love to experiment and just have fun with photography! A late drive home after the sun had set became a night photography lesson for my kids about light and shutter speed. While my husband drove, the kids and I experimented with using a long exposure and moving the camera in different ways to achieve “light paintings.”

Light Painting | Neely Wang

All you need to do to make light streaks is set your ISO and shutter speed low enough while increasing your aperture.

Light Painting | Neely Wang

You can experiment with moving the camera up and down, in circles, with moving objects or still objects (while you’re moving), and focusing on different colored lights.

Light Painting | Neely Wang

Light Painting | Neely Wang

Give it a try sometime — it’s a lot of fun! It will also make a long drive home much more interesting and provide an easy photo lesson for your little budding artists when they want to try your “big camera.”

Light Painting | Neely Wang


    • Thanks, Craftinggirl! Yeah, I think they’d love it and have a lot of fun experimenting and creating! One day, I’d also like to try the reverse, i.e. putting my camera on a tripod and using a moving light source, like cars, someone moving a flashlight, sparklers, etc.

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