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I’m excited to present my Fall picks for the SHOP! The premise of my shop is to offer 5 curated prints each quarter of the year to provide a changing selection of my favorite prints. This quarter (just for fun), I picked 10 instead! So for the month of September, I’ll have 10 prints available along with a 10% discount with the code FALL. After that, the selection will drop down to 5 again. Click on the PRODUCTS page of my shop to see all 10 prints. Get ’em while they last! Thanks for all your love and support!

And by the way, to get the behind-the-scene stories of these prints, as well as shop discounts and tips & tricks, subscribe to my quarterly NEWSLETTER!


  1. I love how you chose to place prints out on your site. It really is nice to have a simplified range of products vs. looking at 20-30 + images at one time. I really like the image, Unravel Me. The site looks so nice! All the best Neely : )

    • Thank you, Breana! This shop is definitely a learning process, but oh so fun! I’m glad I have the opportunity to share with the world the beauty all around us. Sometimes when I see something that makes my jaw drop, I just wish someone else was there to see it with me. Now I’m glad they can :). Thanks for always being such a great encouragement and support, Bre!

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