macro monday | SOFT | No. 5 Lines

Macro Leaves | Neely  Wang

This is the fifth image in my macro monday SOFT series of subjects from the Cottage Gardens in Petaluma, California. I’m drawn to the simple lines and shapes and how the soft glimmer of light on the bottom leaf reveals a touch of texture. Finding beauty in simplicity.


    • Thank you, emglob! It’s from my macro setup which is a 50mm 1.4 with extension tubes. I also chose a shallow depth of field. My settings for this image were f/2.5, 1/800 sec., iso 200. Hope that helps!

  1. Beautiful soft image, Neely, it somehow reminds me of sea glass I find once in a while on the beach here. I gather that you speak German…..??? I came over here from Germany some 23 years ago. Guten Abend!

    • Ha Ha — no I don’t speak German! :) Google translate works wonders! I just like to communicate back in the language people comment in. I’ve gotten better with german, norwegian, and italian as of late. Thank you for your comments about the image — I like how it reminds you of sea glass. It’s always interesting to get a different perspective! Guten tag! ;)

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