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wasp nest | Neely Wang

Lately, my youngest son has been really interested in bugs and strange creatures — particularly bugs and strange creatures that have a lethal or poisonous bent to them. He’s been watching documentaries like, Colossal Squid, Microcosmos and Nature’s Deadliest. I’ve been enjoying watching along with him, particularly Microcosmos as it documents the lives of tiny bugs and flowers and their miniature world. Unfortunately, this documentary has a bit too many reproductive scenes for the pure eyes of my little seven-year-old, so we just say that the bugs are “battling.” For now, he’s buying it.

wasp nest | Neely Wang

So, when we found this wasp nest in our front yard, my son was super excited, and it gave me the chance to snap a few macro shots. These nests completely amaze me — how everything is so uniform and how these little bugs create a home out of nothing but wood pulp, saliva and their tiny hands. 

wasp nest | Neely Wang

I love this bit of red on the wasp nest. I think it’s really cool how the color of the nest is determined by the paper used by the wasp. They’re like little wasp artists ;).

wasp nest | Neely Wang


  1. love all the photos! i really like how you focused on certain portions of the wasp nest…very nice!!

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