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Land's End Trail | Neely Wang

About once a month, my family and I venture out to San Francisco. Oddly enough, we only live a quick 40 minutes away from the city just past the Golden Gate Bridge, but truthfully, we rarely go there. This is pretty sad considering what a cool city it is and that millions of people from all over the world visit each year.

Land's End Trail | Neely Wang

My husband and I grew up in the suburbs, so I guess I’m not much of a city girl. I don’t feel very comfortable navigating my way around the city, get frustrated looking for parking and generally don’t trust myself to know where I’m going. But when my friends decided to venture into the city, and one of them was kind enough to drive, I jumped at the opportunity!

Land's End Trail |Neely Wang

I recently read a blog post about some urban hikes in San Francisco on Oh Happy Day, and since hiking and exploring are some of my favorite things to do, an urban hike was right up my alley. 

Land's End Trail | Neely Wang

We ventured out to Land’s End Trail at the northwestern-most point of the city.

Land's End Trail | Neely Wang

It was super windy, but the sun and lighting were so beautiful, and it was an exceptionally clear day in the city. Usually the city is shrouded in fog, but on this evening, we were thankful it had not yet rolled in.

Land's End Trail | Neely Wang

Land's End Trail |Neely Wang

We actually never made it out to the trail and spent most of our time by the water.

Land's End Trail |Neely Wang

One friend went off on her own for a short while and told us we missed a great view of the bridge. You can see the little people on the right-hand side of this image going onto the trail. Hopefully, one day, we’ll make it through the whole trail or up to Bernal Hill for a view of the city or Historic Trail. 

Land's End Trail |Neely Wang

When researching urban hikes online, I stumbled across Urban Hiker San Francisco and requested a list of the best stairways in San Francisco. That would be a fun thing to do or possibly go on a San Francisco Food Tour one of these days! Hmm… maybe I’m becoming more of a city girl than I thought (I know my husband is now laughing in complete disbelief as he reads this – ha!)

Land's End Trail | Neely Wang


  1. I love Land’s End! Perfect place to take out of town guests! Especially with it’s renovated, easy to walk on paths. :) There is also a parking lot behind the main parking lot that seems to be empty (not the one across) that makes it ideal to drive there cause while I’m a city girl, I hate looking for parking or traffic. :oP If you’re ambitious on the trail, I think you can make it out to Palace of Fine Arts and Legion of Honor area.

    • Thanks for all the tips, Alvina! Good to know about all the parking and the renovated paths (which we never made it to ;)…wow — I didn’t know the trail could take you so far — another thing to add to my to-do list!

  2. Amazing photos, Neely. I have to say, the shot of the steps going down to the water is my favorite of this series. It’s beautifully composed.

    • Thank you, Gracie! And thanks for sharing which photo was your favorite — those steps were really inviting — that’s why we missed the actual trail ;)

  3. How refreshing to see all these San Francisco views through your eyes,Neely! They are beautifully captured by you,and inspire me to have a fresh eyes to really “see” all these beautiful places again. You always have the unique way of showing your viewers what simple and true beauty can be,and that is what the impact of your works have on me. And,that is why you are a such talented photographer,Neely! ^____________^

    • Thank you, Ni! That is so sweet and kind of you to say! I’m glad to hear that these images have given you a fresh perspective on something you may have seen many times before. Although I had not been on this trail before, there are many trails that I have walked on dozens of times, and I often find it a challenge to see it in a different light each time — trying to appreciate its beauty like the very first time I saw it.

  4. Great photos! My favorites are the first one, the one with the stairs going down and the one with the bird flying across. Interesting to see the different photos and views that you captured even though we were standing near each other most of the time!

    • Thanks, Craftinggirl! I wish I took ones more with people in them, but the ones I did take were too cluttered or people doing strange things ;). I wanted to convey more of a peacefulness and natural beauty about the area. Excited to see yours!

    • Thanks, Erin! I just love golden hour, but don’t get out during that time as much as I’d like. I find that golden hour can make anything look good :)

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