macro monday | Peek-A-Boo

little stars | Neely Wang

“Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.” -Julia Cameron

These little humble flowers never cease to surprise me! From bud to bloom, the tiny details in the california daisy (african daisy or osteospermum) will always make these flowers a favorite of mine. 


  1. Another great macro…love that you made it b&w. The African daisy is also one of my favorite flowers…the white one with the purple center being my absolute favorite.

    • Thank you! I decided to do the black and white on a whim, but then really liked how it turned out afterwards, especially when the little flowers appeared in the inside and how the edge of the bloom sparkles like little jewels.

    • Thank you, Ron! Yes, I’ve been enjoying the black and white, and really appreciate all the details that suddenly appear when color no longer takes precedence.

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