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Heath Ceramics | Neely Wang

Let me start off this post by saying I love bowls. I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many bowls. I have enough bowls in my house to open a small restaurant, and the white ones are my absolute favorite (although I’ve recently branched out to beige and grey — yes, I know, how adventurous of me ;). 

Heath Ceramics | Neely Wang

So, when I heard that Heath Ceramics in Sausalito, California, was having an open studio weekend in partnership with Studio Choo flowers, I just had to go! Heath Ceramics is the epitome of mid-century modern design at its best. Their ceramics, founded by Edith Heath in 1948, perfectly embody their design aesthetic: “We are maker-gatherers, attracted to functional and beautiful objects that enhance the way people eat, live, and connect.” 

Heath Ceramics | Neely Wang

Their open studio weekend included special factory tours, take-home tile glazing, flower arranging, food trucks and a factory store discount off all their products.

Heath Ceramics | Neely Wang

I took two of these babies home with me. Did I forget to mention I have a thing for vases, too?

Heath Ceramics | Neely Wang

According to their website, Heath Ceramics “were designed to enjoy a single kiln firing, at a lower than normal temperature, thus saving energy, while remarkably producing a durable and non-porous product.” Very Californian.

Heath Ceramics | Neely Wang

They have also collaborated with other businesses like Dwell Patterns, Alice Water’s Chez Panisse, Roy McMakin, and Alabama Chanin, forming great design partnerships.

Heath Ceramics | Neely Wang

Heath’s products are found at the chicest of restaurants, homes, and businesses. Their classic design is easily spottable, including bud vases at the bakery I photographed, tile at the clothing boutique near my local gym, and dishes at the renowned Slanted Door restaurant at the San Francisco Ferry Building. By the way, the photography and videography on the Slanted Door website is excellent.

Heath Ceramics | Neely Wang

There were also some gals from the floral studio, Studio Choo, arranging flowers and selling their gorgeous blooms that afternoon. So pretty!

Studio Choo | Neely Wang

Studio Choo | Neely Wang

Heath Ceramics is simply a beautiful and inspiring place to visit that truly embraces its lovely motto, “Simple, good things for good people.”

Heath Ceramics | Neely Wang


    • Yes, the glaze really adds something special to the ceramics. The glaze is matte which lends a beautiful and earthy feel to the pieces. Thanks for stopping by, Ron!

  1. My idea of comfort food is anything eaten from a bowl. I love the feel of one in my hand, filled with something yummy and all mixed together! xoxoM

    • That’s true — I never thought of it that way, Margarita. Just like a warm cup of tea or coffee in a mug, the feel of something warm in your hands is very cozy. Thanks for sharing, Margarita :)

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