no words | A Sea of Blues and Purples

Foggy Path | Neely Wang

Rocky Beach

purple rose

Marin County Sunrise

Heavenly Clouds

San Francisco Bay Boat

Bridge at Rodeo Beach

Kite in the Sky

Big Sur

Sometimes I wish I started a wordless blog, if there is such a thing. No words, just pictures. There are days when I cannot think of anything to say, and it hurts my brain to write. Today is one of those days. Today is a day I will let the images and colors speak for themselves.


    • Thank you, Alvina! I’m so glad we have formed a new found friendship over images, social media and food :). Yes, tumblr might have been better for me, and you know I do love instagram :)

    • Thank you, Morgan! Yes, sometimes I think it’s often a struggle for me to write something clever or intriguing or provoking… I think sometimes silence is better than something forced or inauthentic.

  1. Thank you for these photographs… they brought me to stillness. For the purple rose: I wish I could create something as beautiful as this photograph for my loved ones. I can’t of course create the muse…
    Thank you for not having words.

    • I’m so glad these images made an impression on you, Deepti. I believe you could create these images — I think the muse is just waiting to be found if we look for it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love the rose and sunset pics. Is the pebbles pic from Tahoe? Love the contrast between the rocky, branchy foreground and the smooth hills in the background in the last pic.

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