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Tomato, Zucchini and Polenta

I have recently been doing some food photography for The Key Room, a social enterprise of Homeward Bound of Marin, which helps builds employment skills for people moving out of homelessness through culinary training at their Fresh Starts Culinary Academy

potato wedges

The Key Room maintains an event space which offers catering as well as great cooking classes like the one I attended with Aida Mollenkamp. Since then, I’ve also had the opportunity to attend cooking classes by Michelin Star Chef Michael Mina and award-winning cookbook author Chef Joyce Jue.

stuffed potatoes

I was asked to help shoot some of their food for their website. I had a great time working with the staff and students, who are an extremely generous and gracious group of people, eager to learn, grow and help each other and the community.

Marin Food Photographer

It was so much fun taking photos both in the kitchen while the food was being prepped and prepared, as well as after when it was plated. The kitchen was a flurry with different dishes being prepared simultaneously. There was such a great energy there that it made me realize that the cooking part is what truly excites me about food photography.

Mixing Ingredients Image

Chef Jacques Kirk

chopping parsley

The food tasted as good as it looked — plus I got to take one of these delicious apple tarts home. One of the great perks of being a food photographer!

apple tart

If you live in Marin, please consider taking one of their cooking classes. The proceeds of these classes directly benefit the homeless, and the classes are a fun evening out with friends.  You can see more photos from The Key Room shoot on my Food Photography page.

Lamb Shank


  1. WOW these images are beautiful! Mouth-watering in fact haha Love it! =) Thanks for the great read

    check out my food blog, I could do with a few tips on photos- not really my strong point

    • Thank you so much, kaima755! You have great food content on your blog — love all the food education you provide! In terms of food photo tips, I always recommend great lighting. I shoot almost all my food in natural light, and I especially love side light with food because it provides for great depth of light and shadow. Front light tends to be flat and less appealing. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. NEATO!!! Looks like an awesome program and your pictures are beautiful! So crisp! So clear! I can see each polenta!! (Or whatever grain that is…) I hope that is not a minced-garlic patty… haha that would be way intense.

    Also, your vertical pics show up as… really small/thumbnails on my screen. (The horizontal pics are fine.) I’m using IE9.

    • Thank you, Alvina! Yes, it’s polenta, and it was goooood! :). Thanks for letting me know about the vertical photos. I’m not sure why they’re showing up that way. I use safari. I’ll have to check IE9. Thanks again!

  3. As always love your photography, food photography will becoming my next line too, as I love to cook and planning on opening an apertizer catering service, along with a new blog with images of my food. Will see how I come up with it.

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