out & about | Flour Craft Bakery :: San Anselmo, CA

I recently visited Flour Craft Bakery in San Anlsemo, California for its pre-grand opening celebration. Flour Craft Bakery is Marin County’s first entirely gluten-free bakery. I was very excited to see Flour Craft open because a dear friend of mine is unable to eat gluten, but has a huge sweet tooth — a tricky combination! — so this bakery is perfect for her and for so many like her who struggle with food allergies and intolerances.

Flour Craft Bakery sells a wonderful assortment of gluten-free pastries and breads, including lemon and lavender madelienes, cocoa nib and walnut coffee cake, organic strawberry and huckleberry with meyer lemon scones, rhubarb & raspberry galettes, and coconut cupcakes filled with lemon curd — yum! (Part of the reason why I love living in the Bay Area is meyer lemon everything!) Flour Craft also offers San Francisco’s Sightglass Coffee and Oakland’s Sky Tea, as well as savoury goods, like roasted asparagus with spring onions and goat cheese quiche, and roasted tomato hummus focaccia sandwiches. I always get excited to hear their new offerings each day on their Facebook page.

The owner, Heather Hardcastle, used to own a landscaping business for 14 years, and then left it to study baking and pastry arts at the Culinary Institute of America. She then went on to sell her products at the Marin County Farmers Market before opening up her own bakery. I love hearing these kinds of stories — people doing seemingly “crazy” things to chase after their dreams — always inspiring!

The day of her soft opening, the bakery was completely filled, with a long line out the door. Complimentary pastries and coffee were being offered to locals who were excitedly anticipating the opening of her shop. I chose the flourless chocolate walnut cookies. So good! Chewy, chocolatey, not too sweet, with buttery walnuts laced throughout. Hard to believe they were gluten-free! 

If you are ever in the area, be sure to check out Flour Craft Bakery at 702 San Anselmo Ave. in San Anselmo, California — a tasty and much appreciated addition to Marin!


  1. Funny, I just finished eating half a flourless chocolate walnut cookie (my lunchtime dessert :D ) when I came across your post…I saw the last couple of pictures and thought, “hey, I just ate one of those.” I also like the cupcakes photo.

    • Hi Linda, You can order from Sky Tea directly online if you click the link above in my post to get to their website. However, I did not see earl grey from their online selection. It may only be wholesale. You may want to contact the company directly.

  2. I’m a gluten-free diner, and these baked goods sound utterly fantastic, Neely. If we weren’t in a gorgeous place like Croatia now, I just might have to pack my bags and head over to this bakery. :)

    • This little bakery would be a perfect place for you, Tricia! Their pastries are really light and delicious. Of course, I wouldn’t mind exchanging places with you and being in Croatia right now ;)

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