Food Nouveau Edible Cities

Edible Cities Neely Wang

So excited and thankful for the opportunity to be featured on Marie Asselin’s Food Nouveau Edible Cities Series!

Marie is a graphic designer, writer, translator and food enthusiast living in Quebec City, Canada. Her series, Edible Cities, features bloggers, authors, chefs and photographers, who share about cities that left a big impression on them, and the dishes they loved the best. Her goal is to allow readers to discover new places and new dishes through the eyes of food professionals.

Edible Cities is such a great series because being a self-proclaimed foodie, I always find it fascinating to hear about people’s favourite foods and restaurants (similar to how I always seem to be checking out what’s in people’s grocery carts at Costco)!  Travelling and discovering new places are definitely passions of mine, and food, well, food is a universal language wherever you are!

Click through to see one of my favourite dishes and to read the rest of my Edible Cities post!

Thanks, Marie!


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