macro monday | confetti streamers

confetti flower photo | neely wang

confetti flower blooms photo | neely wang

confetti flower streamers photo | neely wang

confetti flower dew drops photo | neely wang

confetti flower shells photo | neely wang

Today is my youngest son’s birthday. I’m not sure how 7 years has already passed, but it’s been a wonderful 7 years with him in our lives. He makes my husband and me laugh and smile inside by all the funny things he says, even though he recently has begun to say that we’re laughing at him. But those of you with children will know that sometimes your kids will say the funniest, cutest things that you just can’t help, but grin. Like the other day, I asked him how he liked his lunch. He exuberantly replied, “Those apples were fantastic!” Just a good reminder for me that something so simple can make someone so happy.

So birthdays and celebrations are on my mind, and these little flowers growing in our garden reminded me of those British Christmas crackers that pop open with streamers and confetti. I love how these little tight buds just pop open into a fanfare of streamers, leaving an empty shell at the end, just like the Christmas crackers.

Happy Birthday, my dear 7 year old! May all your days be filled with wonder, love, surprises and gratitude!


  1. These are beautiful. Do you know what kind of plant/flower is this, Neely? I would love to grow one in my backyard.

    Happy birthday to your 7 year old :)

    • Thank you, Grace! I wish I knew — it was planted by the previous owners of our home. The flowers are really tiny. If anyone out there knows, we’d love to know! Thanks!

  2. Happy Birthday to B. A is turning 6 this Wednesday; I am very touched and inspired to read your post this morning! Thank you. : )

  3. He was just the cutest and funniest when he was a toddler… Oh my!! My heart nearly burst with just being with him and watching him!! I haven’t seen him since so it’s so lovely to know that he is still just the cutest and funniest! And the flower color is just my favorite color! Not to wear, but on someone else, including a flower, WOW! Thanks!

  4. Mmmm, the second to the last is my favorite. They are all sumptuous, but this one, especially, stands out to me. Those droplets are incredible. :)

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