macro monday | romanesco broccoli

romanesco broccoli food photography

romanesco broccoli food photography

romanesco broccoli food photography

My eldest son wants nothing to do with vegetables. If there is even a green speck from a spice in his food, he will pick it out. However, when I tell people he doesn’t eat any vegetables, he proudly interjects, “Yes, I do!” And my response is always, “Oh really? What vegetables do you eat?” which is followed with, “I eat broccoli (of which he has repeatedly gagged on), and I eat seaweed (I have a hard time considering dried seaweed covered in salt and oil a real vegetable)!

So, when I recently brought home some romanesco broccoli, aka broccoflower, I thought perhaps explaining the “math” behind the vegetable might entice him into trying it. Apparently, romanesco broccoli is a natural fractal, which means each bud is made-up of a series of smaller buds, which are arranged in a continuous logarithmic spiral. It piqued his curiosity, but of course, after prompting him to try it, he graciously declined.  Oh well, it was worth a shot. 


  1. Wow, I never knew Brocolli could have such an artistic touch to it. You brought it out greatly ! Hope all is well. God Bless

    • Sure, Lexie! I would definitely practice with non-moving objects first in bright light. If you have a tripod, all the better. Plus, manual focus is sometimes easier so that your camera does not have to keep searching for a focus point. I really enjoy taking macros with a high aperture as well as a low aperture, as it gives you a very different perspective and look for each. If you have more specific questions, please let me know — I’d love to help! Maybe I’ll even do a post with more detailed tips!

      • Hi Neely! Thanks for the tips! I messed around with it this weekend using a tripod and natural light. I had issues with the focus, so I think manual focus will help me in that respect. I got a Canon Macro EF 100mm f/2.8 so I’m not sure if I am trying to get too close, but the clarity in your photos is just amazing! I probably need more practice – I really like shooting in manual, so I know I’m doing a lot of the work and the camera’s not doing it all. ;) Anyway, if you do a how-to post I will definitely be a reader! Thanks so much.

        • You’re welcome, Lexie! I actually use a 50mm f/1.4 and f/1.8 with extension tubes attached to take my macros, which might explain some of the clarity. I had once borrowed a friend’s 100mm f/2.8 to try out, and using manual focus should especially help with that lens. I also shoot almost everything using aperture priority for simplicity’s sake, but it’s great you’re using manual for more control! Hopefully I’ll get around to doing that post one day…:)

  2. The pics of them actually look creepy to me, but I love eating them! A personal note: when I was a kid, I only ate noodles and rice. Everything else made me gag. If I had to eat meat, it had to be so well-done, that it looked like leather. Needless to say, I was always sitting at the table long after everyone else left. Luckily I had a dog waiting under the table to whom I could sneak the food to with a slight of hand. Then, I had to have my tonsils out (which is a whole other story) and after that, I began to eat everything. No more gagging. Could be he has large tonsils or adenoids.

    • Don’t they look other-worldly close-up? Thanks for sharing your story — I bet our son would appreciate it if we had a dog so that it could eat his leftover veggies!

  3. my heart just stopped. it looked unearthly, like it came out from a different dimensions, but it also look like some sort of a fungi. So this is how a broccoli look lie up close…its a beauty.

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