travel | split, croatia

Beach in Split, Corfu

Beach at Split, Croatia

Beach at Split, Corfu

Beach at Split, Croatia

Panorama of Split, Croatia

Boardwalk at Split, Croatia

Bell Tower at Cathedral of St. Domnius

Palace of Diocletian

Church in Split, Croatia

Our second to last port on our 12-day whirlwind Mediterranean and Greek Isles Cruise was the city of Split, Croatia. Split, located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, is the second largest city of Croatia and is most historically well-known for being the home of the Palace of Emperor Diocletian in AD 305.  The palace is now part of the city and is full of shops, restaurants, squares and an ancient cathedral located right in the middle of the former palace.  

Once again, I had never even heard of Split.  I thought maybe it got its name from some sort of grand political division within the country, but later I found out that it’s named after the spiny broom plant, a common shrub in the area — not very glamourous.  Nonetheless, Split was a wonderful place to visit and turned out to be one of my favourite ports.  

Split has a great mix of ancient buildings and history, modern shops and restaurants, and beautifully blue waters.  People often ask what kind of traveller I am — a museum-goer, a beach bum, a local flavour gal, a shopper?  This city really covers it all and gives you a taste of everything. Plus where else can you walk on both sandy beaches and marble streets?  


  1. Neely, my husband and I just arrived to Croatia one week ago. We’re staying in a small, but charming town called Trogir. Since Split is just about 45 minutes away, I can’t wait to explore it on a sunny day. Thanks for more inspiration.

    • I am so jealous of all your travels, Tricia! ;) I hope you have wonderful time in Split — it’s really beautiful and charming there. Can’t wait to see the photos!

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