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Beach in Corfu, Greece

After a beautiful day in Mykonos, we headed to Katakolon, a sleepy seaside town overlooking the Ionian Sea. This city was mainly a tourist area with dozens of small shops lining the streets. There wasn’t much to do there, so it gave us a chance to leisurely visit the town for a couple of hours and then get some much needed rest and down-time after many days of sightseeing. The following day, we arrived at Corfu, another of the beautiful Greek Isles.

Beach in Corfu, Greece

Truthfully, I had never even heard of Corfu, so I was not expecting much, if anything at all. But it turned out to be such a charming and inviting place to visit.

Beach in Corfu, Greece

We walked through Old Town and saw all the quaint homes and Venetian architecture. We also got to take a dip at one of the beaches, while the kids waded through the turquoise waters and searched for rocks and sea glass.

House in Corfu, Greece

And unlike the beach we visited in Mykonos, which was crowded with sunburnt tourists and row upon row of beach lounge chairs and umbrellas, the beaches in Corfu felt much more idyllic and peaceful — kids jumping off long wooden piers and people just swimming by themselves in the middle of blue and green nothingness.

Beach in Corfu, Greece

Now I understand why Corfu got its name, the Emerald Island — definitely a hidden treasure!


  1. What a Beautiful ( seem fully quiet/peaceful ) little place : ). The water is beautiful !

  2. what gorgeous colors! I love the way that you have us travel down through the water until we see the girl (woman?) in the 2nd shot.

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