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City of Santorini

From Naples, we set sail for Santorini, the largest of the Greek Isles.  I have always wanted to visit Santorini and see its famous blue domes and whitewashed stone buildings, so this was definitely the port I was most looking forward to visiting.  Santorini is literally a city on a cliff and is actually the remains of a huge volcanic explosion.  To get to the island, we needed to take a tender (small boat) from our cruise ship, which was anchored in the Aegean Sea, south of Greece.

Cliff of Santorini

When we reached the island, we had the choice of going up to the city by either tram or donkey.  The tram turned out to be a 45-minute wait, so we decided to take the donkeys (which weren’t my first choice), but it turned out to be so much fun and definitely one of the most memorable experiences of our whole trip!

Panorama of Santorini

I did feel awful for the donkeys, though.  It was so hot, and the cliff was extremely steep.  I was just standing there doing nothing, and I was already hot.  I couldn’t even imagine being one of the donkeys — climbing up the narrow steps of that cliff, and then carrying a loud, heavy and annoying tourist on top of me.  I know, terribly inhumane, but truthfully, very cool at the same time.

Ride Donkeys to Santorini

The view from the top was simply beautiful.  I have never seen so much blue in my life.  Blue everywhere — blue skies, blue water, blue domes!  I was determined to find these famed blue domes I had always seen in pictures and heard about.  It was blazing hot on top of that uncovered cliff, and my husband and sisters-in-law were so great by humouring me and trying to help me track down those blue church domes.  They kept asking people for directions, backtracking and getting lost on the narrow pebbled streets trying to find them for me.  Did I mention that it was super hot?

View from Santorini

So we looked…

beggar in santorini

and looked…

cat image

and looked some more. (Love these pebbled mosaics!)

Stone Mosaic in Santorini

Almost there…

laundry at santorini home

Finally — yes!  Found them!

Blue and White Domes

And one more!

Santorini Blue and White Domes

All that walking and searching made us very hungry.  And we couldn’t go to Greece without having a gyro!

Cactus juice

greek gyro

We decided to give the donkeys a break and took the tram down to the water.

tram up to santorini

Scary to think all that was holding us up was a thin set of wires and this spinning red wheel.  

wheel of tram up to santorini

Really a fun day! And the kids decided to stay on the boat with their grandparents, which made it even more fun!  (I love my kids.  I really do.  But those of you with kids — you know what I’m talking about). 


  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Santorini! Ok, N .. get your bro to start moving some wheels! Love the pic with the old lady the best. Would have love to just sit with her to know her story …

  2. Beautiful! Love the blue hues and such an interesting and picturesque city. Totally understand what you mean by the kids. Love them but need a break from them. :-D

    • I hope you get the chance to visit someday, Marianne! It’s really wonderful, and you definitely feel like you’re someplace different. I wish we got the chance to try the cactus beverages — next time! ;)

  3. Thank you for taking me on a little vacation trip via your Santorini photo essay, beautiful. I was there some 35 years ago, uuuhhh, back than it was more like a Hippy place to go to. I am sure it has changed a lot. Kali maera or Kali nichta what ever suits you.

    • Kali nichta to you, too, Cornelia! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! I wouldn’t say it was very hippy-like when we went — just a mix of natives and tourists — beautiful over there, nonetheless.

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