travel | trevi fountain + the food of rome

Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

On our last day in Rome, we spent time just wandering around the city, checking out the local flavour, sampling the food and people watching.  We took the grafitti-covered subway out to Trevi Fountain, which is one of the end points of the freshwater aqueducts that supplied water throughout ancient Rome.  Legend has it that if one throws a coin into the fountain, they are guaranteed a return trip to Italy one day.

Subway in Rome

From there we took a bus from Rome to where our cruise boat was docked.  It was funny to think after all we already saw and experienced, we still hadn’t even started our cruise yet!  We got to drive through the Italian countryside, which is actually the Italy I had always imagined — not the busy, dynamic and somewhat chaotic feel of the city we had experienced just days before.  This was more my kind of Italy.

Hayfields in Rome Countryside

Sunflower Fields in Rome countryside

And the food… Truthfully, before we came to Italy, I didn’t really care very much for Italian food.  Whenever we’d try and choose a place to go out for dinner, we’d never ever pick an Italian restaurant.  We felt like it was something we could just easily make at home — crack open a bottle of pre-made marinara sauce, boil some boxed pasta, and voila!  Dinner in 10!  But that was because everything we knew about Italian food was American Italian food.  I know some of you out there love Olive Garden, and nothing against Olive Garden, but let me tell you, Olive Garden is not real authentic Italian food!  True authentic Italian is really good…I mean really good — the pastas were my favourite!  I have never seen my kids scarf down a plate of linguine and clam sauce so quickly. 

Pizza Making in Rome

Pizza in Rome

Pizza in Rome

italian rice balls

And the pizza crust was so light and crispy, with such interesting but delicious toppings, even though the simple margarita was the one I kept coming back to.

Gelato in Rome

Of course, we had to try the gelato — too many choices! 

Cannolis in Rome


Next stop — Firenze (Florence)!


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