blue hour

Blue Hour

Along with Golden Hour, Blue Hour is one of the most cherished times in photography because of its magical light.  During Blue Hour, or Twilight, the sky becomes a beautiful blue after the sun has set, and the sky is neither fully lit nor fully dark.  I took this photo at just the beginning of Blue Hour as the sun had almost set, but not completely, causing the sky to be part blue and part orangey red.  I’ve always wanted to take photos at this special time of the evening, but the best Blue Hour photos are those that are taken with lit buildings and twinkling street lights.  We don’t live in a big city, and when we are in the city, I never have a tripod with me.  Plus, with young kids, we’re pretty much homebound by 7PM anyways, so we miss Blue Hour completely.  However, this night, I happened to have my tripod after shooting some evening photos for a local restaurant, and I ventured outside to see if I could capture anything.  As the sun began to set and the sky grew darker, I noticed light from the windows of the houses in the distance and grabbed a shot.  It’s a simple composition, but I like how the windows make you wonder what’s going on in that little world inside.


  1. So glad you are working as a photographer! Your work is so exquisite and interesting! As for that Blue hour, I always wanted a dress that color… but Mother Nature cannot be replicated by mere mortals and dye! Still interested in showing your work at one of our salons next year?

  2. I like this post not only for the beautiful photograph, but because it reminds me of my childhood days when I would play outside until dark, and lights in other houses were going on, and I would wonder about the house’s occupants. I wondered what they ate (usually it was the kitchen light that went on; dinner time), what kind of people they were, then I wondered if they were happy. I haven’t pondered those questioned in a while. I guess that’s what happens when people become more self-absorbed — so thanks for the reminder to imagine what others’ lives must be like.

    PS: I went off on a tangent, my apologies!

    • Thank you so much for sharing, Rebecca — I really appreciate it and loved hearing your childhood memory! Everyone’s worlds are so different, yet I bet in many ways, we’re all very much the same. Thanks again!

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