unmacro monday | innocence

Giraffe Face

I know today is Monday, and I usually post a Macro Monday photo, but the weekend flew by so fast, and I’m just not ready for Monday yet.  So, I leave you with this photo — something just to put a little smile on your face as you start the new week.  I took this photo while on a Safari in Santa Rosa, California.  Safari?  In California?  Yes!  There’s a hidden gem right in the middle of Wine Country called Safari West, where you ride on a jeep through a 400-acre wildlife preserve filled with over 400 exotic animals.  It’s very cool and the closest I’ll ever get to being in Africa.  Although we were not adventurous enough to try the sleep-over tent option, being out with nature and its creatures really gave me a greater appreciation of God’s creation.  And as we were leaving, I looked up and noticed this giraffe just staring at me — almost smiling at me.  There was just something about the way he was looking down at me — like humans and animals living in peaceful coexistence with each other in this grand universe….or just another happy giraffe (however you want to look at it).  


  1. Aw what a Great photograph this is. The eyes just really stand out…very kind/sweet looking eyes. Have a lovely and safe week : )

  2. Was looking forward to your macro but this really has put a smile on my face!! Great picture and lovely colour.Have a great week and thank you :-D

  3. Wow!! I love it. You are an amazing photographer in that you see the opportunity for a photo and there you are!! I’m sure the giraffe was able to hone in on your own peaceful countenance… your Buddha quality … and felt connected!!

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