macro monday | flowers in a flower

ball flower

A friend of mine and I love to go on these Photo Walks together.  It’s a great way to practice, explore a new place, and enjoy good company all at the same time.  When we get home, we sift through our photos, pick our top 5-10 shots and then share them with each other.  It’s really interesting to see what caught the other person’s eye and how a simple difference in perspective can completely change a subject.

On one afternoon, we visited the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley and took a few shots while meandering through rows and rows of gorgeous flowers.  She brought her zoom lens, and I brought my prime lens with extension tubes for macro work.  She wished she brought a macro, and I wished I brought a zoom.  We could have swapped lenses, but she uses a Nikon, and I use a Canon.  Funny how that happens.  We were trying to travel light, but I guess you can never bring too many lenses with you.  This flower is one of the shots I got — all the little flowers within a flower — I love it when things surprise you once you look through the lens.

By the way, anybody have a go-to lens they love to take with them?  I’d love to hear about it – thanks!


  1. Yes! I, too, love that experience: you see something, you raise your camera to shoot it, you bring it home take a closer look and discover…treasure! And love this bouquet within a flower!

  2. Love that picture! And I also go on photo walks with a friend, doing the exact same thing – each picks a few photos and then we compare angles etc. Really great to observe how someone else saw the same thing in a different perspective.

  3. What an artistic photo! Would love to join you on a photo walk one day even though I only have a kit lens. Just realized I forgot to ask for your email address the last time I bumped into you.

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