macro monday | beauty without color

black and white dahlia

black and white dahlia

As I’ve been finding subjects for Macro Mondays these past few months, I realize more and more how drawn I am to flowers.  And even more so to the deep colors in flowers…all the rich blues and greens, yellows and pinks, oranges and reds.  But what if that color was taken away? Would I still love those flowers just as much? Would I still be captivated by their beauty?  Would you?


  1. Yes! Color is an expression of light…and there’s so much light in this image. Gorgeous! By the way: it’s cooler and I’m thankful and happier! ;)

    • Thanks, Margarita! I never thought of color as an expression of light — cool way of thinking of it! And I’m glad it’s cooler and you’re happier now! Still warm here, but I don’t mind — I’m not ready to let summer go yet :)

  2. Lovely Photograph, I really like color but I also really like Black and White. Sometimes I think it just depends on the subject and what you want to communicate as far as using color or black and white goes : ). Have a fantastic and safe week. God Bless

    • Thank you very much, Bre! I agree that it depends on the subject and what you’re trying to convey — I think lighting plays a role, too, as well as the tonality of your photo. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful and blessed week, too!

  3. Don’t think its ever possible to get tired of photographing flowers especially in macro mode!!! Color or black and white!! They are just so inherently pretty and captivating

    • That’s true, Stephanie — macro adds such a wonderful perspective that you can’t get with the naked eye — and yes, I just can’t get enough of flowers!

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