bake | quick & easy cupcakes

quick and easy cupcakes
quick and easy cupcakes
quick and easy cupcakes
quick and easy cupcakes
quick and easy cupcakes
quick and easy cupcakes
quick and easy cupcakes
quick and easy cupcakes
My youngest son has been carrying around his Mom and Me Cookbook all week asking me to make cupcakes with him.  His grandma gave him the book when he was little, and it’s definitely well-loved.  Many of the pages are wrinkled and starting to fall out, and he reads it before bed like a storybook.  I find it funny that this is one of his favorite books as he has always been a “boy’s boy.”  When he was a toddler, he’d constantly play with a ball or a car.  And I distinctly remember that some of the first words to come out of his mouth were “dump truck,” “excavator” and “grave digger” (a monster truck with a skull on it) much to his grandma’s chagrin.  He was the child who broke his arm while riding his bike and crashed into the playground structure at school.  But oddly enough, this little “boy’s boy” of ours has always loved to cook.  

I thought it would be fun to document and show you what cooking with kids is really like in our house.  It’s not the pristine, clean and tidy kitchen you’d imagine from many food blogs out there.  It’s messy and sticky, and often involves grubby hands fishing out floating egg shells and a fair amount of yelling (I won’t tell you who does the yelling).  He was so excited to make these cupcakes, and since I was busy taking photos anyways, I let him run wild.  He did a great job and was very meticulous with every step, except up until the end when he said, “The timer’s takin’ forever.  I’m gonna go play now” and ran off.  When the cupcakes were finally ready, he took a big bite out of one, grinned, and said, “Do you want to try it?  It tastes like sugar, and I like sugar!”  He was so proud!  Ahhh – my little chef!  He hates it when we call him that.  


  1. What a smart kid. He’s not gonna fall for the first pretty face that can feed him: he can do that himself! Lucky Mom…and lucky friends! :)

    • Ha ha — thanks, Margarita! Hopefully he’ll have more than cupcakes and desserts in his repertoire — he definitely has a sweet tooth like Mom!

  2. He’s always been soooo darling!! I love the combo of ‘boy’s boy’ and ‘budding chef’! I think women would like that if he maintains this into adulthood!! – A ‘man’s man’ and a ‘damn good cook’!

  3. What a great story. I love the way you captured your son’s enthusiasm and the “impatience” of youth at the same time. The black and white tones also add the feeling of nostalgia. Excellent job. Thanks for sharing your precious family moments.

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