inspiration | 365Q :: julian bialowas

julian bialowas 365 Q

julian bialowas 365Q

julian bialowas 365 Q

julian bialowas 365 Q

julian bialowas 365 Q

When I was a senior in high school, I won the Excellence in English award.  My husband finds this to be the most hilarious thing in the world because sometimes I’ll say or write the most ungrammatical (?) things that make no sense whatsoever.  I attribute it to getting older, having 2 kids, trying to do too much multitasking (who hasn’t ever watered the plants while eating a granola bar, checking their email and playing hopscotch with their kids?) and general brain cell loss.  I have been known to eloquently say things like, “Did you take out the garbage, right?” or “Hang up your jacket on the coat.”  So, if you happen to read a bit of garbly-goop on this blog, I apologize in advance.  Please kindly skip over it and just pretend you didn’t notice.

Well, the award for this wonderful honor was… a huge dictionary-sized book of quotations.  To a high schooler, this was the lamest prize ever.  I never even read it, and I think it’s stuffed in a box somewhere at my parents’ house with other random high school stuff that I’m now embarrassed to say I saved.  At the time, I had no idea why they chose this as the prize and what it had to do with English.  But now when I look back, I think they were actually trying to inspire me and provide me a way to learn from the wise words of generations past — kind of like, “we wish you well, now take this book, learn something from others and don’t screw up your life.” Ironically, I now love quotes and anything inspirational.  And when I stumbled across the work of Julian Bialowas and his 365Q project, I was enamoured.  So inspirational — the photography, the words, the nature — I just love it all.  So go outside, get inspired, learn something new, and get living!


  1. i love these quotes. they are so simple and yet so difficult to do as most important things in life are. ugh.

  2. I think you have to be in The right place to really appreciate something of inspiration. There is inspiration around us everyday but we dont always have our eyes and mind open. Thankyou for sharing this, its just what i needed today. :-)

    • Kris, you’re so right! It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday things of life that we forget all that is inspiring around us — glad you were encouraged!

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