macro monday | succulent flowers

flowers of succulents

flowers of succulents

flowers of succulents

flowers of succulents

Since we’ve moved to California, succulents have become one of my favorite kinds of plants. For those of you who may have no idea what succulents are (including my husband who thought they were some kind of food), succulents are plants that have thick, fleshy leaves that store water and are often drought tolerant.  In this area, you can see front yards completely made-up of just succulents and stones due to the very hot and dry summers. What attracts me most to succulents are their sculptural shape, muted colors and repetitive patterns. And the mom in me especially appreciates the fun names they have, like “hens and chicks,” which represent the main adult plants and the baby offspring that begin as buds and then grow right near the comfort of their mamas — very cute!  I recently planted a few both inside my home in glass terrariums as well as some in pots outside. I was happily surprised when one day they flowered — like a flower within a flower and just as pretty as the leaves they’re known for!  


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