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civic center farmers market in san rafael california
civic center farmers market in san rafael california
civic center farmers market in san rafael california
civic center farmers market in san rafael california
I simply love visiting the famers market.  Growing up, we never got the chance to go to the farmers market.  We lived nowhere near a farm, and farmers markets simply were not prevalent like they are nowadays.  Instead, we bought all our groceries from a chain supermarket where the produce was often wilted, lacklustre in color and slim in variety. Living in the California Bay Area has truly grown my appreciation for fresh fruits and vegetables and the whole “eating local” movement. Taking a slow, leisurely trip through one of our local farmers markets is very much a treat — tasting samples, chatting with farmers and purveyors, and seeing what new variety of produce abounds each month. I distinctly remember trying some of the sweetest, most delicious white raspberries ever at a farmers market, and for some reason, simply walking up and down the rows of stalls overflowing with colorful and fresh fruits and vegetables makes me feel healthier! Plus, some markets even sell seafood, homemade jams and honey, baked goods, jewelry, ceramics, and of course, my favourite — flowers! 

Anyone have a farmers market they love going to?  What do you like getting there? Anything unique popping up lately at your local market?  I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Your photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing! I love taking picture of markets too, but for some reason, I rarely do. I guess your post has awaken an urge to visit a farmers market with my camera ;-)

    • Thanks, Carine! All the colors of the market really make it fun for me to take photos there! Who would have ever guessed fruits and veggies could be so pretty? My kids would definitely think not! ;)

  2. Wow, they look like wonderful markets. I like the way you presented your lovely images too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great pics and lovely colors! I like to seek out farmer’s markets too, esp when we visit new cities. I’m always intrigued by homemade spreads and baked goods.

  4. Love your photos and how you arranged them…I know it probably took a long time for you to do, but the results look amazing!

  5. As usual, an impressive array of your talent!

    Being on Orcas Island, we not only have a farmer’s market, but we can easily roam the several organic farms!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your post! I’m originally from Chicago, so it was very cool to hear about the markets there. And I also love your blog name — I, too, love being outside!

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