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princess cruises of hawaiian cruise
My sister recently booked her first cruise, and it made me think of all the times our family has taken a cruise.  My in-laws are seasoned cruisers and love the idea of visiting different countries and then returning to a high-class four-course dinner with all the bells and whistles.  They like it so much (and have been on so many) that they sometimes choose not to leave the boat and enjoy a day on the ship instead.  Since my husband and I have been married,  we’ve already been on 5 cruises with a 6th in the future.  I took this photo on our last cruise to Hawaii.  We disembarked from Los Angeles, and spent 4 days at sea, 4 days on the islands, and then 4 days back again at sea.  It was a very strange feeling floating in the middle of nowhere for four straight days.  And even though some days were rough (considering the unpredictability of the weather), it was also very cool just to be out there in the Pacific Ocean where only sea and sky meet.

(The photo above shows the beauty and serenity I experienced while on the cruise.  The photo below shows what my kids experienced — they claimed that the sun was way too bright to see their Nintendo DS screens.)


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