the painted sky

tree in sunset
This past Saturday was the hottest day we’ve had all year long.  Temperatures reached up into the high 90s, which for northern California is very hot.  The air was stifling, and we’d run as fast as we could from our air-conditioned car to our air-conditioned destination and back to our air-conditioned home.  In between, the air felt as if it was covering us like a hot blanket.  I know many of you experience weather much warmer than this on a normal basis, and it truly amazes me — I don’t know how you do it!  Whenever it gets really hot, our house goes into lock-down.  We close all the windows, shades and curtains, and the upstairs rooms never get to see the light of day.  Not very summer-like, I know, but we try our best to keep it as cool as possible.  At last, we opened the windows in the evening when we put the kids to bed, and we could finally feel the slightest breeze and trickle of cool air.  It was then that I saw the sky out of the corner of my eye and just had to grab my camera and run outside.  The hottest day gave way to the most beautiful sky.  It was simply breathtaking.  Plus, it gave me the chance to create my first stitched panoramic.
panorama of a sunset sky


  1. These are some of the best sunset/silhouette pics I’ve seen! Excellent job with the panoramic too!

  2. The colours are amazing! It’s true when the Psalmist wrote that “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” (19:1). Great job in capturing this beauty!

  3. Hi Neely. Once again you have captured such amazing photos with your camera. Truly inspiring! I can’t wait to learn how to take photos as awesome as yours – I can dream, can’t I? Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, speeddemon2! I use adobe photoshop cs5, but most of my processing is done in adobe camera raw (similar to lightroom). Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks for sharing this image. I would Post an evening London sky on my blog, however it will just be one picture of dark dismal rain clouds! Great colours and warmth! Looking fwd to seeing more of your work

  5. Thank you God for having a hot day like that, so we get to see the beautiful photos and appreciate what He created. : )

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