macro monday | the iconic rose

lavender roses and yellow roses
yellow rose
macro photography of yellow rose
pink-tipped yellow roses
black and white rose
When we were dating and throughout our first few years of marriage, my dear sweet husband would buy me roses — usually red roses.  I think he just thought that’s what women liked and that red roses were the quintessential embodiment of love and romance.  Although I totally appreciated the thought and effort he put into buying those roses, truthfully, I didn’t really care for them.  I just thought they were so normal and average, and shall I dare say “boring.”  I wanted something unique and different — maybe it was because I took a floral design class in college or because I’ve always been attracted to all things unusual or a tad quirky.  But it’s probably because I constantly remember seeing red roses and baby’s breath at the supermarket whenever my mom would take me grocery shopping with her.  Deep down, I wished my husband would pick some other flower to give me — something that required a tiny bit more effort.  I finally gained the courage to offer some other botanical suggestions, and he proceeded with orchids instead.  Ahhh…much better.

But when we moved into our current home about a year and a half ago, the previous owners had planted all different kinds of rose bushes throughout our backyard.  We moved in late fall, so all that was left were just branches and leaves.  I knew I was supposed to cut them back and prune them, but I had no idea what I was doing.  In between getting poked from all those bloody thorns (spoken in my best British accent), I figured I cut them too far down and killed them anyways.  But the following year, they amazingly grew back, and I completely fell in love with them — the softness and gracefulness of their form, their watercolor-dipped petals, and most of all, their intoxicating smell!  Don’t tell my husband — but I think I like them now.


  1. Such lovely colors! I am not much of a rose person myself. Although they are beautiful, I much prefer tulips, hyacinths and hydrangeas. I won’t turn them down, though, if they arrive at my door :) Very nice photos!

  2. Your photos are exquisite…do I see some Peace rose petals among them? I agree with you completely! As a child growing up in Venezuela, my father would bring roses home for my mother…dozens of brilliantly hued and fragrant roses! When I was first married, my husband also thought that red roses were the epitome of devotion while I found them boring. That is just a quick snapshot of the marriage that didn’t work…in the one that is working, we both pay attention and have many wonderful blooms to celebrate!

    • Thanks so much, Margarita! I believe those are peace roses — the yellow and pink-tipped ones. I love how they’re bi-colored. Glad to hear you have many blooms to celebrate with now!

    • Thanks so much, Astrid! I originally wasn’t sure if I should add that last shot or not (since all the other photos were in color), but i really liked how the black and white lets you focus on the form and pattern of the petals.

  3. Beautiful photos! Every one of them. :)
    I love roses… just not red roses. I prefer orange ones. And those yellow & pink ones — I believe you called them “Peace Roses”? — those are so pretty!

  4. When I moved to the home we now live in, it had just one rose. We now have over 100! It is a great joy to grow roses and to celebrate their beauty…. Thanks for sharing your blooms with us.

  5. Always love when I get an email update with macro Monday in the title! Simply beautiful images and you have inspired me to invest in a macro lens and get back to shooting macro again! Thanks for taking the time out to share.

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying macro Monday :). And thank you for the encouragement — I can’t wait to see your macros — you’ve got a really great style!

      • Thanks for liking my style. I started off with macro on my compact about four years ago. But now after digressing with other projects I have to get back to it!! Regards

  6. Way to go! :) The lighting in the first two photographs is great! Is it natural? any tips? =D

    • Thank you, northadkphoto! Yes, the lighting is natural and lit from a window from the side and behind. I also overexposed it ever so slightly to get a clean bright look.

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