macro monday | butterfly blue

butterfly blue

butterfly blue

butterfly blue

butterfly blue


  1. These are beautiful. What was the background? The black really helps them to stand out. Love it. I usually just shoot where I see things, for some reason it does not yet cross my mind to move them although I have been thinking about it more.

    • Thanks, Emilia! Actually, I took the picture early in the morning so the sun was coming from the front (but not directly) and the back was actually dirt in shadow. The lens is so close that the background almost turns to black if the light source is only from the front and not in the back. But I agree — sometimes it’s nice just to move things (if we can) so that the composition is better.

    • Thanks, Lexie! The lens is a 50mm 1.8 with varying lengths of extension tubes attached — you can get just as close, if not closer, with a 100mm macro.

  2. Again, very beautiful!! I have to say that for somebody who doesn’t have any background in art or design, you are very good; you are actually much better than many I know with education in the field. Don’t give up!! You have a good eye for great composition.

    • Thank you so much, Claudia! That is so sweet of you to say! I guess it’s my passion and the desire to see beauty in everything that fuels me. Thank you so much for the encouragement — I truly appreciate it!

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