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tech museum of innovation in san jose california
Our family recently took a quick  road trip to San Jose, CA.  Our kids have a thing for hotels, and we really wanted to visit the Tech Museum of Innovation.  It was highly recommended by some friends, and we figured a technology museum in Silicon Valley (the home of the tech-boom and our beloved Apple) would be especially appealing to our computer-savvy oldest son.  After a brain-stimulating technology-filled day, we asked our kids what they thought of this very cool museum.  The oldest responded with an ecstatic, “The earthquake simulator was…okay,” and from the youngest, “When can we go to the hotel?”  They unfortunately ended up having more fun at the gift shop than at the museum itself.  And sadly to say, based on the outcome of this little adventure, I don’t believe we have any budding Steve Jobs-es in our family’s future.


  1. lol, Neely. That is such a universal experience for parents. Nathaniel likes that museum, but his favorite thing is the Google maps exhibit, and once he saw the even bigger exhibit they have at the office in Mountain View, he was no longer impressed!

    • Ha ha! Kids are funny like that, aren’t they? We’re always surprised at what they choose to like or not like — still trying to figure them out!

    • Ha Ha! I read that he used to tinker around with electronics in the garage, so I guess if I find my kids taking apart my iPhone, there’s still some hope ;)

  2. I have visited San Jose in the past and really enjoyed it there. This has brough back some of the nostalgia from that time! The images are lovely as well – thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Todor! Glad you liked the photos and that they could bring up some good memories for you! Those smaller cities that are not so small, yet not so big are always a lot of fun.

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