macro monday | of the sea

macro photography image of coral
I’ve really been enjoying taking photos for this series, macro monday, but sometimes I have trouble finding good subject matter.  Bugs move too fast.  Windy days are awful for flowers. And who wants to see a photo of a button?  I even told my husband that maybe I’ll just stop doing macro monday altogether.  But, of course, like many things in life, it’s the difficult things that are good for me in the end, so I will try my best to keep challenging myself.

I decided I wasn’t going to take another a photo of a flower this week for some variety.   We have a glass container in our living room filled with “little treasures” our family has collected from different beaches over the years — rocks, shells, dried seaweed, a little crab, and what my youngest son believes is sea glass — we threw it in the mix anyways just to humour him.  I found this piece of coral and thought it might be interesting to photograph — something from nature, but not a flower like the daisy from last week.  It wasn’t until I looked through the lens that I ironically saw this.


  1. Love all the little “flowers” on the piece of coral…it almost looks like someone stamped them into the coral.

  2. So that’s the coral with those daisy patterns? Wow! Guess I never looked close enough to see the pattern. Thanks! BTW, cousin Audrey is in town. We’re meeting up for dim sum tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11 am here if you’re interested.

  3. I really do enjoy the Macro Monday series! Keep up the great work – I’m sure you’ll keep finding plenty of opportunities for amazing subjects.

  4. Neely – What an amazing photo – another example of how taking pictures helps us to see things that we would normally overlook or both notice. Thanks for the reminder. And please keep sharing Macro Monday with us – even though it took me until Wednesday to check in, I was very glad to see this week’s example. Thanks for the inspiration. ….Jude

    • Thanks for the feedback and for sharing, Todor! I was going for a softer, more delicate look (almost like it had been found after years of drifting in the sea), but I think it would have been great fully in focus as well. Thanks for the input!

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