macro monday | quiet

macro eyelashes


I had a moment of quiet yesterday with my two boys in the midst of celebrating Mother’s Day. Literally, in the blink of an eye, they’ve grown up so quickly, and time has gone by much faster than I had wished.  It’s these quiet moments of stillness that I always hope to remember.


  1. Do treasure these moments and the hugs and even carrying them. Robert asked me yesterday if I’d pay $1000 to go back in time and be able to hold my children as babes and toddlers again. I said yes. Then he asked would I pay $5000. I said yes. $10,000? I said …. “I’ll wait for my grandchildren!”

    • Thanks for the wise advice, Aunt Nancy! It’s so true that you can’t get that time back, and ironically, it’s right in the middle of it all that you wish it would pass more quickly.

  2. Love what you wrote, Neely. It is so true that these are the most precious moments. Wishing them will stay the same.

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