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This post combines two of my favorite things — cooking and photography.  If a cookbook doesn’t have good pictures, most likely I won’t read it.  It could contain the best recipes in the world made by the most well-respected and highly-trained chefs, but if the photos look unappetizing, I simply won’t get very far.  Growing up, my mom, an avid and wonderful cook, would only read cookbooks with “lots of pictures.”  I guess I picked it up from her — like mother, like daughter!  Nowadays, there are many wonderful cookbooks out there that almost take on a storytelling format, where you not only see photos of the food, but also people growing and harvesting the ingredients, preparing the food with care and then enjoying the completed meal with family and friends.  Here are a few of my favorites!

01 |  Seasons | donna hay

02 |  Tartine | chad robertson & elisabeth m. prueitt

03 |  Tartine Bread | chad robertson

04 |  Tyler Florence Family Meal | tyler florence

05 |  My Father’s Daughter | gwyneth paltrow

06 |  Good to the Grain | kim boyce

07 |  Plenty | yotam ottolenghi

08 |  La Tartine Gourmande | beatrice peltre

09 |  Momofuku | david chang & peter meehan

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