macro monday | needles

macro photography image of cactus needles
My youngest son and I enjoy reading together everyday on our couch (well, actually I like it more than him, but he sits through it so that he can eventually be given permission to play video games afterwards).  When he does show some interest in reading, one of the things he often chooses is the National Geographic Little Kids magazine that his grandpa subscribes for him. There’s a section in the magazine that’s called, “What in the World are These?” which are close-up photographs usually of everyday objects.  He loves to guess what the pictures are, and truthfully, I really enjoy this activity, too, because it allows you to see something in a way you may not normally look at it.  Recently, I started a series on this blog called Macro Monday.  I’ll be posting a close-up photo of something that will hopefully allow you to see it in a fresh and different way.  I love this kind of photography and how depending on the subject, you can choose to make it sharp and crystal clear or give it a little mystery and softness by simply changing your depth of field or angle.


  1. Thank you, Neely for this beautiful share. Aya and I cuddled up this evening after dinner to read. We both enjoyed the time together. Thank you for your inspiring ideas. Love, Grace

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