grow | tillandsia xerografica

tillandsia xerografica air plant
tillandsia xerografica air plant
Air plants are very hot right now.  Flip through a West Elm catalog, and you’ll see them all over.  I had been eyeing them for a while and finally decided to buy a couple.  Well, actually, three, but smart me somehow equated “air” plant with “no water” plant.  People kept saying these plants are a breeze to take care of — no dirt, just air!  I read that as no dirt, no water.  So, my third plant has now gone back to the earth to someday become a new air plant (or so I like to tell myself).  Since then, I have been soaking the remaining two in my sink once a week, and they seem to be faring well for the most part.  Even though my kids initially thought they were giant spiders, I still think they’re pretty cool, and they’ve now found a happy home on my dining room table.  
tillandsia xerografica air plant

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