grow | succulents + terrariums

succulents in terrariums

I have always loved flowers — dahlias, roses, lilies, daises — you name it.  In recent years, I’ve been extremely drawn to succulents.  There is something about their sculptural shape and muted colours that I just love.  After pinning dozens of succulents on my pinterest boards, I have finally created my own set of terrariums using simple glass vessels, succulent/cactus mix, and white pebbles.


  1. I love succulents! They’re just so beautiful and easy to maintain, and I see them in so many gardens here in Sacramento. I’m thinking of getting my own in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for this.

    • You’re very welcome! I agree that succulents are so beautiful — we didn’t have them much where I grew up, so it’s wonderful to see all the different kinds in California! This is a little far from you but Cottage Gardens of Petaluma has the most unique varieties I’ve seen — if you’re ever in that area, I would definitely drop by — I hope to post about that nursery soon! Good luck!

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